Roberta Edwards is the Founder and President of Edwards HR Consulting, LLC, a full-service human resource consulting firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Roberta has over seventeen (17) years of diverse human resources experience in multiple industries including restaurants, manufacturing, business and financial services, and has advised clients in several other industries.


Roberta hit the ground running in HR in 2002 by spearheading the development of the human resources department for a local Albuquerque restaurant chain. During her tenure, Roberta played a key role in growing the company from three restaurants to eight over a

five-year period by strategically aligning the human resources department with business goals.

In 2008, Roberta relocated to Las Vegas, NV and became an HR Manager for a large uniform services company. Roberta honed her skills in the areas of recruiting and retention, employee relations, engagement and safety programs. She increased employee engagement scores, reduced turnover, improved the safety metrics and programs, and implemented rewarding employee recognition programs.  During her tenure with this company, Roberta moved to West Palm Beach, FL where she enjoyed the beach, but not the bugs, humidity and tropical storms!

After almost five years away from the arid climate, longing for green chile and hiking in the beautiful Sandia Mountains, Roberta moved back to Albuquerque.  Her professional career was complimented by working for a manufacturing company improving safety metrics, performance management programs and wage scales. 


In 2013, Roberta joined the staff of a human resources consulting firm and further improved her HR skills and experience by guiding employers through complex employee relations dilemmas and recommending strategies to reduce future issues. Over her tenure, Roberta went on to become Vice President of Human Resources for the related human capital management company and then took charge of the company’s human resources consulting firm where she and her team more than doubled the annual new sales of the firm and maintained 100% client retention. The company also won the “Best Places to Work” and “Top Workplaces” designations. Roberta led the company to achieve these accolades by applying the same principles of strategic planning and employee engagement that she assists clients in utilizing today.

Roberta earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Criminology from the University of New Mexico and also holds both the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and the Society of Human Resources Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certifications. 

Over her career, Roberta has spent extensive time in the areas of Recruitment, Employee Relations and Engagement, Performance Management, Training and Development, Policy Formulation, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning and Safety. Roberta has a true passion for helping employers effectively deal with employment issues, streamline processes, and for promoting employee engagement in the workplace.

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