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Capitalize on Your Potential

for Growth


Edwards HR Consulting is committed to helping leaders and organizations attain authentic success utilizing Gallup® Strengths Coaching.  Through strengths-based coaching, you will overcome the hurdles and behaviors holding you back and become a more effective, dynamic and high-impact leader.

Our coaching brings clarity, confidence, and creativity through a personalized and connected approach.  Collaboration is a key element in the coaching process, with the attention and focus on you.  The result is accelerated development, improved performance, increased engagement and greater overall wellbeing.


Business Meeting at a Cafe

Executive & Individual Coaching

Are you ready to go to the next level of performance? Transform your innate talents into applicable strengths with Gallup® Strengths Coaching. Utilizing your natural talent empowers you to take the focus off of weaknesses and accelerate your development. We offer a variety of packages tailored to executives and individual contributors. A minimum of three sessions is recommended. If you want to take your development further there are options to fit your budget, your specific objectives and the amount of private coaching desired.

Engineers at work

Coaching for Managers

Gallup® Strengths Coaching empowers managers to harness their natural abilities to achieve performance goals and effectively lead a team of distinctive individuals.  We use the CliftonStrengths Assessment to identify top talent themes and coach managers on applying and cultivating those talents into strengths. Gallup® Strengths Coaching facilitates development of a manager’s natural leadership skills while increasing confidence.  Coaching packages for managers are either provided on an individual coaching basis or can be combined with a team package.

Management Meeting

Team Building Coaching Sessions

Strong cohesive teams are built on connecting members natural talents with team objectives. We use the CliftonStrengths Assessment to uncover the team member's individual innate talents.  We then help team members gain appreciation of these talents so they may apply them as purposeful strengths. As the team expands their understanding of how to combine their collective strengths, they increase their ability to effectively get the job done. Team strengths coaching packages are available as  either a simple team seminar,  or individual coaching sessions combined with a seminar. Sessions are offered lasting a few hours up to a full-day retreat.  All team packages include a pre-session debrief with the team manager.

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